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ASDCC and VCU's Da Vinci Center Join Forces to Build an Inclusive Professor Rating Platform

The image depicts a group of individuals holding hands together with their hands raised above their heads.

We are thrilled to announce an exciting initiative led by ASDCC in collaboration with Garret Westlake from the Da Vinci Center at VCU. Our goal is to develop a website, similar to RateMyProfessor, where students can share information about accessibility issues and strengths for different professors. This platform will empower students by providing valuable insights and enabling them to make informed choices that align with their specific disability-related needs.

The idea behind this website is to create a space where students can notice patterns, learn from each other's experiences, and discover professors and courses that are disability-friendly. Often, advisors may not possess comprehensive knowledge about the accessibility practices of each professor or the challenges that students with disabilities may face in specific courses. With a wide range of disabilities and chronic conditions, it becomes crucial to put the decision-making power back in the hands of the students, allowing them to choose classes that provide the best educational experience within an inclusive environment.

Teaming up with Garret Westlake, an esteemed leader at the Da Vinci Center, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to this project. As someone who identifies with having a disability and has extensive experience in disability services, Garret's commitment to driving innovation in higher education makes him a valuable collaborator. His previous work includes decades serving disability services offices at various universities, as well as starting a company that employed solely autistic individuals, hoping to address the alarming autism unemployment rate. Now, at VCU, he is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions for transforming higher education.

Garret wholeheartedly embraced the idea of creating an official VCU service that holds professors accountable for disability accessibility. By setting a precedent for other universities, we aim to pave the way for increased transparency and improved accessibility across academia.

ASDCC and the Da Vinci Center will work tirelessly throughout the summer and the 2023-2024 school year to bring this vision to life. We invite anyone who is interested in contributing to this project to reach out to or contact Ellie Bavuso directly at Your support, insights, and involvement are crucial in shaping this initiative and making a lasting impact on the accessibility of higher education.

Together, let's empower students and build a more inclusive academic environment where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey towards positive change.

The logo for innovative inclusion, three individuals posed sitting together on stools. The individual on the left wears a pink tank top and shorts, and has a prosthetic arm. The person in the middle wears a pink short sleeved shirt and biker shorts, and has an afro. The person on the right wears a cropped orange tank top and leggings, and wears shades and holds a walking stick.

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