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Inclusive Research at its Best: ASDCC and PPD Join Hands for Positive Change

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! Our partnership with the esteemed Partnership for People with Disabilities (PPD) has opened up an incredible opportunity for us to contribute to the Self-Advocate Leadership for Trust and Tailored Recruitment in IDD Health Research (SALTTR) proposal. This collaboration, submitted to the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, aims to empower self-advocate leaders like ourselves in guiding health researchers to build trust with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Together, we will work towards creating exemplary recruitment materials adaptable for a variety of projects, ultimately fostering greater inclusivity and driving impactful research outcomes.

At ASDCC, we understand the significance of trust in ensuring meaningful connections between health researchers and individuals with IDD. The SALTTR proposal recognizes the invaluable insights and experiences of self-advocate leaders, and it is through our collective efforts that we can shape interactions that truly address the needs and aspirations of the IDD community.

We are proud to announce that ASDCC will play an integral role in supporting the goals outlined in the SALTTR proposal. Here's how we plan to contribute:

  • Recruiting Association Members with DD: We will actively involve ASDCC members with developmental disabilities in project meetings and product development. By representing our diverse community, we can ensure authenticity and inclusivity throughout the process.

  • Guiding Inclusive Project Meetings: Our expertise in accessibility and disability inclusion will provide invaluable guidance and insights to ensure that project meetings are inclusive and effective. Together, we will shape an environment that values diverse perspectives and encourages meaningful participation.

  • Sharing the Research Initiative: We are committed to disseminating the outcomes of this research initiative with a broad audience. Our aim is to reach students, departments, and disability-focused organizations throughout Virginia, as well as our connections at universities in states like New York, Ohio, and Michigan. By sharing this knowledge, we can drive positive change beyond our immediate community.

At ASDCC, we genuinely believe in the importance of involving individuals with developmental disabilities as content experts during the design process. By incorporating their unique perspectives and experiences, we ensure that the solutions developed align with the needs and aspirations of the disabled community. This person-centered approach avoids the pitfalls of the charity model of disability design and truly enhances the quality of life for individuals with IDD.

We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the Partnership for People with Disabilities. Our joint efforts in the SALTTR proposal will actively promote resources and outcomes within our community. This project represents a significant step towards a future where inclusivity and person-centered design are at the forefront of research practices.

As members of ASDCC, we hold the power to drive transformative change and empower individuals with developmental disabilities. Let us unite our voices, experiences, and knowledge to make a lasting impact. Together, we can build a future where trust, inclusivity, and innovation thrive, creating a brighter and more inclusive world.

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